Thursday, June 12, 2014

"Soogar Skulls Sirt"

The little one is still working on her "s" sounds. I love her little voice. I know that, as well as she speaks now, she will soon have all the kinks worked out, and those cute kid-isms will be gone forever. In the meantime, I sewed her a shirt that has her practicing those "s" sounds. 
I used two $1 Walmart bandanas for the body of the shirt. The sleeves are raw silk from a pile I bought a few years ago at the thrift, and the fabric is super soft. I serged the innards for tidiness, and I couldn't resist using one of the tacky "by Mother" tags I found a few days ago. 

The pattern is the Ella Raglan Top by I think Sew. I have already lengthened it and cut a dress from one of hubby's old work/dress shirts. It is a nice pattern, quick and easy to sew, and great for using small amounts of fabric or repurposing. I'll likely make another just like this in green bandana fabric shortly. 

I bought some new patterns recently and am excited to dive head first into summer sewing projects!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Favorite Sewing Tools and Tips

Have you ever tried putting Scotch 1/2" tape on a zipper seam as a guide? I always had a hard time making my stitching straight with only a zipper foot and no real guide. This goes on easily, helps one stitch an even 1/4" to either side of the zipper opening, and then peels right off. Give it a try!
I am in the process of sewing a very "Princess-y" dress for my daughter from a brand new Simplicity release. Pics to follow when it is finished!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Beaded Top Complete

It has the usual Alabama Chanin pattern fit issues (armscyes gaping, tightness at bust), but I still like it and will surely wear it plenty. 
If you look behind me you will see that our house has been pressure washed and the shingles freshly stained. Nothing like prepping your deck for stain to bring on the daily rain showers! Hopefully we'll get some clear skies soon so we can finish this project up and prepare for some summer chilling and grilling.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Importance of Pattern Placement

I mentioned this a few days ago in my Sorbetto post as something I'd like to work on. It's nice to know that even pattern illustrators struggle with this from time to time....
See it yet? Let's look a little more closely....
"Why are you looking at me like that?" 

Couched & Beaded Bolero from an Alabama Chanin Pattern

This bolero project from Alabama Studio Sewing & Design took me a week or so to complete. It is "stenciled" in green fabric pastel, has couched cords applied, and is beaded over the stenciling. I added heavy sequins and beads to a few leaves. I also beaded the binding only on the front of the bolero. 

These are rewarding projects with a lot of visual impact. If you enjoy hand stitching, I recommend the Alabama Chanin books with one word of caution- I have found the pattern drafting to be iffy. I recommend making a quick muslin to check fit. The original bolero armholes were far too snug for me and would have caused a lot of wrinkling. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Two Summer Sorbettos

This one is a fun make from feedsack fabric and vintage buttons. I piped the pleat in white and layered that with large ric rac. It is finished with self bias. The only tricky but here was that, in order to get the pleated Sorbetto out of a feed sack, I had to piece the pleat, cutting both the two front pieces and the pleat itself with a narrow seam allowance. 

I received this fabric as a birthday gift last year. I didn't notice there was a lady in a red dress perched on my boob until just now. Note to self- pay better attention to pattern placement. 

So, for this Sorbetto, I drafted a button back and collar. I really enjoyed wearing it, however after a few washes it became apparent I had trimmed the collar seam allowances too short. Now the top sits in the mending pile waiting to have the collar removed. Lesson learned!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Work in Progress

I always have a few projects going at once. Recently I have gotten into the habit of keeping a hand sewing project by my bed to stitch at night for relaxation. This is my current hand stitching project- a knit v-neck tee with beading and couched cord details. I have been stitching on this one for a while, but there's no rush, I guess. What are you working on?